Thursday, August 27, 2009

RAPING THE WHOLE WORLD (And Getting Away With It)

"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws."
~ Amschel Mayer Rothschild

Actually, inflation is a tax, a hidden one the public generally doesn't perceive as such.
~ James Perloff

When the Fed produces more currency, making prices rise, who do we blame? Not the Fed. Not politicians. Instead, we blame the local retail store. "Why are you guys jacking up your prices?" Or we blame the candy company for making smaller chocolate bars, or the cereal company for putting less corn flakes in the box. But these businesses are simply trying to cope with the same dilemma as we are: inflation. The culprit is the Federal Reserve, and the problem is not that prices are going up, but that money's value is going down.
~ James Perloff

The following article appeared the day before yesterday in the Airheadzona Repugnant newspaper:

August 25, 2009


Associated Press

OAK BLUFFS, Mass. - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, widely credited with taking aggressive action to avert an economic catastrophe after the financial meltdown last fall, will be nominated by President Barack Obama for a second term, the Associated Press learned Monday night.

Obama plans to make the announcement today during a break from his vacation on Martha's Vineyard. A senior administration official discussed the nomination on the condition of anonymity because it was not yet public.

In remarks prepared for the announcement, Obama praised Bernanke for leading the country through a financial crisis and, with his expertise on the Great Depression, helping to prevent a similar crisis.

"Ben approached a financial system on the verge of collapse with calm and wisdom, with bold action and outside-the-box thinking that has helped put the brakes on our economic free-fall," Obama said in prepared marks.

In sticking with Bernanke, Obama is looking to reassure the financial sector as well as foreign central banks that his administration has no plans to change course on its largely well-received approach to rescuing the industry from its meltdown or its management of overall monetary policy.

Bernanke has won admiration from Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill even as some lawmakers have urged him to retain the Fed's independence.

The only thing sadder than the fact that everything in this article is a lie, is the fact that very few Americans could recognize that.

Let’s start with the obvious: USAP did not choose to keep Ben Bernanke on as the Fed chairman. That decision was made for USAP by our “Monopoly Money Manipulators” and he’s simply announcing it and playing the part of one in authority so as to give the appearance to the Americonned People that the President is running the show and the Federal Reserve is subservient to the government of We The People.

The court jester does not appoint the king to his throne; the king selects the court jester. Anyone who doesn’t realize that the Federal Reserve is the king of this kingdom, that person has no real understanding of how their government and country operates. If the Federal Reserve had told USAP that it wanted Pee Wee Herman named as the new Fed chairman, guess what would have happened. USAP would have crapped in his pants and then nominated Pee Wee Herman for the new Fed chief.

And if a president refused to follow orders from the “Money Trust”? Well, I would urge everyone to avoid flying with him or eating with him (unless you’ve brought your personal food taster). I would certainly advise everyone to refuse the same flu vaccination that is administered to the president, and I sure as hell wouldn’t be in the same car with him if he was scheduled to drive past any book depositories.

In an address delivered in Ireland by former president Bill Clinton in August of 1998, the Prez said: “When you get to be the leader of a big country, someone else makes all the decisions.” What do you suppose he is hinting at in this remark? (Or does it simply depend on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is?)

However, since a president IS the president for the very reason that he is already onboard with the “Money Trust” agenda, disagreements over significant matters are highly unlikely and not worth contemplating further.

What else is wrong with this article? Well, how about this? [USAP’s] “administration has no plans to change course on its largely well-received approach to rescuing the industry from its meltdown or its management of overall monetary policy.”

No plans to CHANGE course? We’re going to continue with the same Federal Reserve scoundrel who was running things when King George was the president and when the financial roof first started to cave in on us? But I thought “CHANGE” was what USAP was all about it. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but it seemed that during the presidential campaign, every other word out of USAP’s face was “Change.” (The other word in that “every other word” equation was “Hope”, remember? Well, I’m seeing little of the former and feeling none of the latter.)

OK, but the biggest friggin’ lie in this whole article is the idea being conveyed that Ben Bernanke is some kind of savior who has helped us out of a big economic mess. Well, first of all, we ain’t out of it yet. In fact, to quote The Carpenters: “We’ve Only Just Begun.” Secondly, we wouldn’t have been in the mess to begin with if the Federal Reserve System didn’t exist. Fact: If we were to abolish the Federal Reserve System, 97.652% of America’s problems would disappear with it. That is an exact figure which I myself intricately worked out over the course of several months. And anyone familiar with my math skills knows that they are unimpeachable, unfathomable, and undecipherable.

What else is wrong with this picture? Try this: “Bernanke has won admiration from Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill.”

Hokey-Smoke! The Democrats AND the Republicans like this guy? BOTH PARTIES? You mean they’re not arguing about it? But they ALWAYS argue about EVERYTHING. Wow! This dude must be really, really good! Either that, or both parties are in cahoots in the scam to brainwash and emotionally abuse and financially rob the American citizens. Take a guess which scenario is the authentic one!

Am I just mindlessly yakking here? Well, if you thought so, I’m about to prove differently to you, and in the process you’re going to learn 97,652% more about the Federal Reserve (the king of this kingdom) than you presently do. (Don’t question my math!)

Examine James Perloff's graph which charts U.S. inflation:

I’ll bet you’re wondering right about now why inflation started climbing right around World War I, never returned to previous low levels, and has since gone “off the chart,” aren’t you? Well, I’m about to link you to an EXCELLENT article by James Perloff which will explain that to you in terms even an Airheadzonan could understand. And I’ll bet that’s more than you can say for Rush Limboob, Sean “You’re an Un-American” Hannity, Michael “Trotskyite” Medved, and Bill O’Really? These pseudo-conservative deceivers avoid this subject, and do you know why? Well, think about it – I’ll wait . . .

I’m still waiting . . .

Figured it out yet? “Got Smarts?”

I kid you not, ‘Our Monetary Mayhem Began With The Fed’ by James Perloff is one of the three best articles on any subject that I have ever found online. It is factual, lucidly written, eye-opening and anger inducing as all get out! If you don’t read this, then you ain’t no "Ferret-Faced Fascist Friend" of mine. In fact, if you don’t read this, then there’s no point in you ever returning to 'Xtremely Un-P.C. And Unrepentant', because I can assure you I will never be posting a Blog Bit that’s any more important than this one.

And I don’t want to hear any weenie-wussy excuses like, “Oh, the print is too small.” You know perfectly well that you can copy the article, paste it into a Word File and then enlarge the print to any size your eyesight requires. If you give a damn about your country and future generations of Americans (i.e., your children & grandchildren), you’ll read this article. It’s as simple as that.

Afterwards, you should give serious consideration to reading the book ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve’ by G. Edward Griffin. If I’ve told ya once, I’ve told ya a thousand times: this book will turn your current understanding of the political paradigm right on its ear. Why are we allowing private bankers and government arseholes to treat us like Loose Dogs and Lemmings? Learn the truth and join the fraternity of Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends. The F-F F F needs men and women just like YOU!

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

Here Come Da Links… Alright, let’s get on it:


The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin.


  1. Very very informative - and fills in some missing pieces. I have always gotten annoyed with people who will argue the point with you that inflation is rising prices - after all, that's what Wikipedia and say it is, so it must be, right? WRONG! That's just one EFFECT of inflation; it's not what inflation IS FFS. And don't even get me started on fiat money - the root of all kinds of evil. But while you're at it you might like to check out this piece I wrote (it's short) on fiat money - I try to keep it very basic for my readers, but economics is the thing I love most to write about.

    People need to wake up to economics before it's too late. Though it probably already is.

  2. Howdy, ANNIEE ~

    Thanks for the link! I did read your Blog Bit and all the comments posted below it. It always cheers me up a little to learn that someone else out there actually understands what the hell is going on with our currency from hell. It’s obvious you have a sound understanding of this situation.

    And you are so right that our problems pre-date Roosevelt. In fact, despite almost too many bastards to count who have occupied the White House, Woodrow Wilson was actually our most disastrous president. Thanks to Wilson we have the Federal Reserve, the Income Tax and the United Nations via his League Of Nations proposals. Wilson murdered this country, and we’re just taking our time in dying.

    But the truth is, Wilson was much too stupid a man to single-handedly wreck the U.S. Most of his ideas were whispered into his ear by a man named Edward Mandell House, and it is in studying House and his connections and acquaintances that the story becomes especially interesting (and sordid).

    You: >>[A lot of the problem is plain ignorance]<<


    You: >>[When presidents used to talk about this topic, I would tune out immediately; perfectly sure that economics was so impossibly complex that in reality no one understood it. That was very naive. Thankfully, it is not true.]<<

    Right again. I don’t often Blog about economics because I think most people tend to immediately turn away; it is mistakenly believed to be a boring and (as you said) “impossibly complex” subject, but economics is really where the tires meet the pavement.

    G. Edward Griffin writes of an economic process he calls “The Mandrake Mechanism” used by the Federal Reserve:

    “Don’t expect what follows to make any sense. Just be prepared to know that this is how they do it. The trick lies in the use of words and phrases which have technical meanings quite different from what they imply to the average citizen. So keep your eye on the words. They are not meant to explain but to deceive. In spite of first appearances, the process is NOT complicated. It is just absurd.” [-page 195]

    In other words, The Fed deliberately attempts to muddy up the water and make the process SEEM super-complicated so that the average American will be too intimidated from the outset to dig in and begin researching what The Fed actually does and how it does it.

    “THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND” You, of all people, would find this book right up your alley. You already understand what a scam fiat money is, so that aspect of the book will not come as a shock to you as it does to most folks who discover G. Edward Griffin’s masterpiece. But his book delves into all the behind-the-scenes machinations, backroom deals and the nasty history behind The Federal Reserve System. Everything James Perloff discusses in his article is covered and a whole lot more. It’s a mind-blower, and I have no doubt that someone like you would absolutely LOVE it. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least 4 people who read it at my recommendation and every one of them was exceedingly glad they did. It’s one of my two most highly regarded political books.

    If you read it and are later sorry you did, then: "UHP! I'M AN IDIOT!"

    ~ Stephen
    <"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11>

  3. I will definitely try to get my hands on it soon; sounds like it IS right up my alley :)

  4. The Creature From Jekyll Island is the book that really opened my eyes to this absurd system. I can't recommend it more. It's not a bore, it reads like an adventure novel. Only in this book the story is true. That's the frightening aspect of it.

  5. `
    Very well stated, my Ferret-Faced Fascist Friend. You da man, Man!
    ~ Stephen T. "Lonesome Dogg" McCarthy


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